14 January 2015

My Project 365

I have decided to take up my first 365 photography project this year. It consists in taking a picture a day. Easy you might think. Well, not really. Even with a smartphone always on me or a DSLR never too far, it is actually not that easy... Time is not always on my side, but most of all, inspiration is sometimes not there.

So, why do it ? Well, a challenge is always good, particularly if you finish it! But mainly because I think it will improve my photography skills and I will get to know my Nikon a bit better.

I started my Project 365 on 1st January and 14 days later, I am still doing it. I am making my life a bit easier by following Beth a-dilly photography's daily prompts. I don't follow the prompts every day, as sometimes they don't inspire me or there are other things I would like to photograph, but it is a great help! I am also getting a lot of tips from Click it Up a Notch.

I will not publish my daily photo on this blog. I am using Instagram for that. But I will do a weekly recap here.

Here is the first one :

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