4 January 2015

Les Balades

I thought one of my first posts would be about crochet. But no, in the end, it's about this little walk I like taking with my Little Family.

I love this place by the river, particularly the alley lined with trees. At this time of year, it could be a bit gloomy but it isn't really and it is so exciting to stumble upon vivid colours! There's always lovely colours.

We call it Les Balades, but I'm not so sure it's the right name of the place. It means "the strolls" or "the walks" in French. In fact, a perfect translation would be "promenade". It's so appropriate to my mind that I don't intend to find its real name. There's always a nice ring when one of us say "Shall we go to Les Balades?".

It's the perfect place for a short or long walk and for my daughter, to ride her mountain bike over bumps.

The line of trees 
The alley by the river
Perfect place to have fun on a MTB
Happy colours : red
Happy colours : yellow
Happy colours : green
And of course the duck!
Under our feet
Close-up nature

Beautiful light

I hope to go there at often to record the changes in colours, light, flora and fauna throughout the year.

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