11 January 2015

The Kings cake or galette des rois


Every year on 6th January, the French celebrate Epiphany with the Kings cake.

La galette des rois (named after the three kings) is a puff pastry cake filled with frangipane, an almond filling. You can find other types of cakes in other parts of France, but in my neck of the woods it is the puff pastry kind. There are other fillings available as some people do not like frangipane. Apple, pear and chocolate... are all there to make everybody happy.

Galette des Rois, ©L'anglaise
Our galette, pear and chocolate. Miam !
So, throughout the month of January, we gather with friends or family and eat La Galette des rois. It is a moment I really enjoy, it is full of little rituals and it takes me back to my childhood.

The "fève"

The big thing about the Galette des Rois that I haven't mentioned yet is the fève - the trinket. Made of ceramic, you might find one in your slice of cake! Traditionally, they were dried beans but now they come in all sorts of shape and people even collect them (and not only children).

The rituals

Someone cuts the cake and the youngest child goes under the table. He or she will say who will have the next slice. While eating, everybody wonders who has the trinket and they eat cautiously their lovely slice of cake. Whoever gets the trinket gets the crown and choses a queen or a king. It is said that whoever gets the trinket bakes or buys the next cake. We do it sometimes as it lasts until the end of January and it is a nice excuse to meet up with friends.

We shared a really nice pear and chocolate galette. Guess who found the fève ?!

Galette des Rois ©L'anglaise
The galette and the lovely crown
Galette des Rois ©L'anglaise
We haven't found the trinket yet!
Galette des Rois ©L'anglaise
My Little Lala has found it!
Galette des Rois ©L'anglaise
It's an owl!
Galette des Rois ©L'anglaise
The trinket

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