2 January 2015

Taking the plunge

That's it, I'm doing it, I'm taking the plunge ! My own blog !

I've been meaning to create my own blog for a long long time. But I could never do it for various reasons. Which blogging platform? What name? And what for ? What to publish? No miracle, I still don't know why. I have lots of ideas for sure... All very good but it doesn't make it happen. So today, I am taking the plunge, I am starting my very own blog.

Why today? Well, it's my birthday. I am 39, ouch, it hurts... A birthday on 2 January is not fun. So at least, I will share my birthday with someone else or rather something else. And it's also a new year... Is it a form of therapy ? I don't think so. Only time will tell.

So what to publish? Not too sure but these are a few of the things I like, in no particular order:

- cello
- crochet
- London
- my family
- photography

And a few other things I am interested in, still in no particular order:

- design
- social media
- bilinguism
- life in France

I am definitely forgetting things !

Why this name?
I will tell you in another post but the short of it is I am not British, I am French.

But what really stopped me was in which language to write. English? French? Or both? I don't really like translations, we don't express ourselves in the same way. Posts in both languages, a bit too long, no? Two blogs? Definitely not! Time is not on my side!!

Anyway, I am starting this and we'll see. And who knows, maybe this will be my only post! Ha ha!

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